Friday January 20, 2017
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The Steps of a Good Man

By Dr. Dale A. Robbins

As the Sunday evening service concluded, it was obvious that most people in attendance were not anxious to head out into the dark, misty night. The autumn weather in Northern Indiana had been cold and damp with a drizzling light rain all day, and now had evolved into a increasingly thick fog.

As folks departed, I greeted each at the door reminding all to be careful on their drive home. Taking time for casual pastoral chit-chat was not uncommon, but aware of the eroding driving conditions, I felt a need for brevity so to get the church doors locked and make my way home too.

The remaining parishioners approached the exit, including a dear elderly woman, a saintly woman of faith who had been a faithful prayer warrior to the church over the years. Apparently oblivious to my haste or the deteriorating weather, she lingered at door, asking her daughter to go ahead and wait in the car so she could speak with her pastor briefly. There was no way I could refuse. It was growing late and I was eager to get started home... but she had an urgent spiritual matter, so we chatted for another few minutes then concluded with a prayer... Read More >>

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